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Hire squeaky-clean candidates

Tests can help you assess job applicants’ honesty

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In job interviews, you can look candidates in the eye and weigh whether they’d fit at your firm. But that’s hardly a foolproof way to measure integrity.

Two tests can help reveal to what extent applicants tell the truth. While such tools shouldn’t replace your observation and judgment, they can provide additional information.

Employment Inventory. This test by Personnel Decisions International, (800) 633-4410, consists of true-false and multiple choice questions. It usually takes about 20 minutes and is designed for hourly workers.

Some of PDI’s clients asked new employees to complete the test and tracked them for six months—enough time to gauge integrity. PDI then evaluated how honest and dishonest workers answered certain questions.

To pinpoint applicants who give false answers, PDI asks “trick” questions. Example: “You get up early every morning, even on the days you don’t go to school or work.” While a test-taker may assume a “true” answer enhances integrity, “false” gains points because most people don’t wake up early all the time.

Management Performance Predictor. This test by Friedland & Marcus, (800) 931-1107, measures traits critical to a manager’s success. The firm has a similar test to help you hire honest salespeople.

The test’s 140 items are written for at least an eighth-grade reading level. Applicants use a simple five-point rating scale to answer the questions. You get an interpretive report with specific descriptions of the individual’s fit in a managerial role and recommendations for improvement.

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