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Helping your sick parent without jeopardizing your career

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in Employee Benefits Program,Human Resources

Q. My dad had a stroke, and it’s getting hard to focus on my job when I’m on the phone all day dealing with his situation. While I need to help my dad, I don’t want it to jeopardize my career. What should I do?

A. Level with your boss. Explain that your goal is to continue to produce at a high level while helping your father. Ask for advice on how you can better organize your time. Propose ways to realign your duties to give you more flexibility. Finally, outline strategies that you’ve developed to cope with the situation. Invite your boss to tweak those strategies to make them even more effective. Many bosses appreciate the chance to give input and show their concern. Also find out if your company has an employee assistance program or resource and referral network that can help.

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