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Big companies are like living laboratories for small firms: Watch them closely and you can learn much from their trials and triumphs. According to an OnPoint Consulting study, here are three important lessons learned from the experiences of high-profile firms in 2007:

1. The art of cross-company cooperation
The Good: Cisco Systems. To help ensure cross-organizational cooperation, the company changed its compensation system so leaders are paid not only for hitting their targets, but also on how effectively they collaborated with their peers. Plus, Cisco installed 120 “telepresence centers” (high-end video conferencing) and used Internet social networking sites to facilitate teamwork worldwide.
The Bad: The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Travelers last year saw a spike in missed connections, lost luggage and hours spent waiting on the tarmac. The problem wasn’t money (the FAA didn’t spend all the money it was allocated ...(register to read more)

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