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Bring e-mail traffic to a crawl

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in Microsoft Email Outlook,Office Technology

Here's some quick math: If you receive 100 e-mails a day, that adds up to 24,000 messages annually, if you work 240 days a year. Let’s assume you spend an average of two minutes handling each message. That’s 800 hours, or 100 workdays, spent on e-mail.

Reducing that e-mail by just 20%, could free up 20 workdays per year to accomplish other tasks.

Three ways to reduce e-mail traffic:

1. Stop, then send. Before hitting the “Send” button, ask yourself: Is this information timely, topical and targeted? Will it help the recipient do his or her job better? If not, skip it.

2. Ask for feedback about the clarity of your e-mail writing. Example: “I’d like to make sure my summary is clear and not unnecessarily technical. After you read this, please let me know if I was successful.” By sharpening your writing skills, you’ll reduce the need to send e-mail clarifying your original message.

3. Avoid typing the same e-mail reply over and over by setting up Signatures in Microsoft Outlook. Set up the response text as a Signature, title it by letter type and save it. Now, you only “Insert the Signature,” customize things like the name and hit “Send.”

Bonus tip: Another way to spend less time on e-mail is to help your software run faster by reducing clutter in your computer system’s memory.

Here’s one simple way: When you receive an attachment one megabyte or larger, save it in your document folders. Then, before you move or delete the e-mail message itself, delete the attachment from the message.

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