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Email’s little helpers: Cool Outlook how-to’s

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Drowning in information overflow? Manage your Outlook better with these handy how-to's.

Click-and-drag names to your Contacts list. If an email attachment shows a *.vcf file, the sender has forwarded a virtual business card. Import it directly into your Contacts list by clicking and dragging the file to the Contacts icon on the Outlook bar.

Eliminate the auto-complete names that appear in the “To” field of your emails. Every time you type an email to “Bob,” Outlook shows in the “To” field a list of all the Bobs you’ve ever sent messages to. It’s helpful, unless you don’t plan on writing to the other Bobs ever again.

In that case, cross those names off the list for good. First, highlight the unwanted name by moving the up or down arrow. Once you’ve landed on the name you want to remove, click “Delete.”

Share calendars with others in Outlook 2007. Say you want a separate calendar to keep track of professional development events. You can create one in Outlook 2007, then share it with anyone (either on the same Exchange server as you, or not) by clicking on “Send a Calendar via Email.”

Outlook will attach, if you like, a text version of the calendar in the email body. Even people who aren’t using Outlook can see the dates and times in the body of the email.

Poll the ranks in Outlook 2003. Click “Options” in the message. Under “Voting and Tracking” options, select the “Use voting buttons” check box. In the box, click the voting button names you want to use. To create your own voting button names, type any text you want, such as “Marriott conference room,” “Ted’s house” and “Starbucks.” Separate the button names with semicolons.

Select the “Save sent message to” check box under “Delivery” options, and select the folder to save the responses into. Click “Close.”

Add your polling question. Example: “What’s your preference for the location of our next off-site meeting?” Add a personal message. Example: “Please reply using voting buttons.” Track responses through the email messages you receive as each person votes.

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