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Best ways to ‘onboard’ new employees

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in Admins,Office Management

When new admins join your ranks, you probably “onboard” them without even realizing it. You take them out to lunch, show them where the Post-Its are, point out the executive team, etc.

“Onboarding” is today’s term for employee orientation. According to research, 69% of employees were more likely to remain with a company after three years when the employer had an onboarding program in place.

Three ideas to help new team members feel up to speed, so they can start contributing sooner:

1. Ease their transition with a “who’s who” area with photos, names and titles on the company intranet or on a bulletin board. It could help new hires avoid embarrassing situations, such as asking a “stranger” for help with the fax machine, only to discover later that he is the CFO.

2. Eliminate angst by posting the orientation schedules, materials, benefits forms and an extensive FAQ about the company on an intranet. Send a welcome e-mail to new hires before their first day with a link to the site.

3. Help them feel welcome by sharing all your office’s policies, nuances and traditions. You don’t want a new hire hearing about, say, casual Fridays after he’s shown up on Friday in a suit. Nor do you want him to hear about the softball team after it’s too late to join.

Tip: “Oh, and another thing …” Rather than sharing policy information as it occurs to you, put it in writing in a centralized location. Otherwise, the little things you mention during those first days may get lost in the bustle.

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