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Your boss knows that you’re the grease that keeps everything running. But how can you gain the attention of your boss’s boss and other higher-up execs?

Here are seven ways:

1. Be the best at something by developing a high degree of skill on a topic or picking up technical knowledge (such as software skills) that can help your company. Once your boss is aware of your expertise and the extent to which people depend on you to provide that knowledge, the news will trickle up.

2. Volunteer for a rush job or a project that’s running over deadline. Making yourself available for extra projects, especially if you can help turn them around quickly, will make higher-ups take notice. Execs love employees who show their commitment to the team.

3. Seek out praise for your group. When you say, “My team did a great job,” it flaunts your leadership skills. Management usually values (and promotes) those who can facilitate good work within a group.

4. Nurture relationships with key clients. You’re in an ideal position to be indispensable to key clients (who are indispensable to your boss and the company). Every one of those interactions builds on your professional relationships with them.

5. Become a mentor.
You’re never too young to share your experience with junior members of your organization.

6. Praise your boss, when it’s deserved, to your co-workers and other supervisors. Example: If your boss has been extra supportive of your career development, write her an e-mail telling her that you appreciate it. And “cc” her boss.

7. Gain a deep understanding of your boss’s goals, the department’s goals and the company’s objectives. How does this help you? It will help you set priorities and make smart decisions about what work to tackle.

Example: Say you’re working on a project and you aren’t receiving sufficient guidance. Or perhaps you’d like to take more initiative within your department. That’s when knowing your boss’s, the department’s and the company’s objectives can help. Is what you’re doing in line with those objectives?

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