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Good boss/bad boss?

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in Admins,Office Management

Whether you manage a team of admins or occasionally supervise an intern, you probably want to be remembered as a “good boss.”

So, what makes a good boss memorable?

Here’s a simple list of the differences between a good boss and a bad boss, compiled by blogger Trevor Gay (simplicityitk.blogspot.com), based on more than 35 years in the health care industry.

He says all his best bosses had these attributes:

• Inspired confidence

• Had integrity

• Knew what they were talking about

• Were always there when I needed help

• Usually said, “Yes, try it.”

His worst bosses, he said, had these deficiencies:

• Always asked me to justify what I wanted to do

• Always wanted to know what I was doing

• Often said, “No, we can’t do that”

• Gave the impression of being distrustful

• Talked about themselves a lot.

One reader of Gay's blog, Susan Plunkett, adds, "The best bosses come to take small risks in you; allowing you to stretch and take independent responsibility ...(but) a bad boss is someone who hauls you over coals for 'over-servicing' clients because you are setting unreasonable expectations in the minds of the clients for what they will get from this business."

Gay agrees, "'Over serving’ is a concept we should reject completely. We can never ‘over service.’ I wish that was the aspiration of every employee. And I think it could be if we scrapped most restrictive middle management control methods that are designed to keep people down.

"I have learned as much from bad bosses as good ones. All employees have strengths, that's what good bosses will recognize and work on. In areas where employees need support, a good boss will provide it for them. I always start discussions from the point of view that all employees have far more strengths than weaknesses."

In sum, Gay says, "Life is too short to work with jerks."

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