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But is it really ‘bullying’? Probably

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in Discrimination and Harassment,Human Resources,Leaders & Managers,People Management

Imagine sitting in a staff meeting, and every time you offer a suggestion someone looks at you and shakes her head. Or a co-worker consistently “forgets” to invite you to meetings.

It may seem trivial, but belittling behavior—or bullying—can take a toll, especially when it occurs over and over again. Researchers at the University of Manitoba reported that the emotional toll caused by workplace bullying is more severe than that of sexual harassment.

See the checklist below, created by researchers at the State University of New York at New Paltz, to find out whether you’re a victim of bullying. It may serve as a launching point for a conversation with your boss or HR, or validate what you’ve suspected all along.

In the past six months have others regularly:

  • Glared at you in a hostile manner?
  • Excluded you from work-related social gatherings?
  • Stormed out of the work area when you entered?
  • Arrived late consistently for meetings that you called?
  • Given you the “silent treatment”?
  • Bestowed little or no praise for which you felt entitled?
  • Treated you in a rude or disrespectful manner?
  • Refused your requests for assistance?
  • Failed to deny false rumors about you?
  • Offered little or no feedback about your performance?
  • Yelled or shouted at you in a hostile manner?
  • Subjected you to negative comments about your intelligence or competence?
  • Neglected consistently to return your telephone calls or respond to your memos or e-mail?
  • Ignored your contributions?
  • Interfered with your work activities?
  • Subjected you to mean pranks?
  • Lied to you?
  • Declined to give you information that you really needed?
  • Denied you a raise or promotion without giving you a valid reason?
  • Shown little empathy or sympathy when you were having a tough time?
  • Failed to defend your plans or ideas to others?
  • Assigned you more unreasonable workloads or deadlines than others?
  • Accused you of deliberately making an error?
  • Subjected you to temper tantrums when disagreeing with someone?
  • Attempted to turn other employees against you?
  • Taken credit for your work or ideas?

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