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Simple ways to ‘onboard’ new hires

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in Best-Practices Leadership,Leaders & Managers,Management Training

Remember your first day on the job? Did a smiling boss with a plate of warm cookies meet you at the door? Or did you sit through an endless orientation, arrive at a desk that wasn’t ready, encounter co-workers who had no idea what to do with you and barely see your meeting-strapped boss?

If you’re in a management role, make sure you “onboard” new hires. You’ll benefit from more engaged, productive employees who want to stay and be committed to the company.

Try these three simple ideas:

1. Welcome new employees right on Day One. Cover the basics, such as making sure their workplaces are ready and devoting a large part of your day to them. But go above and beyond with signed welcome banners above their cubicles, snacks and a gathering of co-workers.

2. Ask company or department leadership to send welcome letters to new hires before they join, and have the boss invite them to his office for a few minutes on Day One.

3. Welcome new hires’ families to the company with a gift sent to their homes. Have it arrive during the first week of work along with a note of appreciation for joining the team.You can find creative, inexpensive gifts for $15 and up on Thanks.com.

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