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You’re as dependable as a Swiss train. You never miss deadlines, never show up late and always complete even your worst projects ahead of schedule.

In return, you’d hope management would offer its appreciation once in a while. Unfortunately, your boss is too busy putting out fires and, as a result, she forgets to show any gratitude to her stars, including you.

The trouble is, if the boss doesn’t notice your hard work, and you don’t point it out, then what happens when you ask for a raise or when you’re ready for a promotion? Will she know you deserve it?

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Here’s how to get the recognition you deserve without looking as if you’re seeking attention:

Step 1: Decide what you want. Recognition isn’t one-size-fits-all. Do you want an “Employee of the Month” certificate? A cash bonus? A promotion? Praise in front of your peers?

Step 2: Define why you deserve praise. What you don’t want is to deliver a generalized statement such as, “I make sure everything runs smoothly.”

When it comes time to tell the boss how you’ve contributed, you’ll need to specify what you’ve accomplished, who helped you and the value your work has brought to the company. So write it down now.
Results, Recognition & Rewards is the perfect guide for admins who want to get unstuck. Whether it's a raise, a better schedule, or more responsibilities, you can't get what you want unless you ask for it. Here's how...
Step 3: Draw out the praise. You know your boss best, so you probably understand which of these tactics to use:
  • Tell your boss directly during a performance evaluation or in another one-on-one discussion. Read your list from Step 2 several times before sitting down together.
  • Be less obvious by sending e-mail progress reports every time you, say, solve a problem, streamline a process or please a difficult customer.
  • Praise others in front of your boss. By bringing their hard work and accomplishments to your boss’s attention, she may also notice the great job that you’ve been doing. Tip: Keep it genuine. If you appear insincere, then people may notice, and you may look bad.

Remember: You deserve recognition. And it’s up to you to get it.

With Results, Recognition & Rewards, you'll find out how to take control of your career … strengthen your work relationships … and make your boss shine – so you’ll shine, too!

You’ll instantly:

  • Avoid the top 10 career-killing mistakes too many admins make
  • Use psychological momentum to turn your boss’s “no” into a “sure, why not?”
  • Play the right kind of office politics – the kind that win you admiration and influence
  • Become indispensable as the “office problem-solver”
  • Get difficult co-workers in line with your program
  • Banish timidity forever as you confidently negotiate raises and promotions
Results, Recognition & Rewards also contains a three-step plan to help you get started now.

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