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Take 10 steps to success this year

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ORLANDO, FLA. — Not looking forward to crafting your resolutions for the year? Don’t worry; just let Kit Grant set them for you.

The key to succeeding says Grant, president of Grant Training Systems in Calgary, Canada, is to “take responsibility over your toughest person: you. And that means expanding what I call your ‘CZ’: your comfort zone.”

Here’s the 10-step CZ-expansion plan Grant outlined for those attending the Administrative Professionals Conference here:

1. Change “can’t” to “can” in your daily vocabulary. “Don’t tell me what you can’t do,” says Grant. “There are very few ‘can’ts’; most are actually ‘won’ts.’”

2. Change “try” to “will.” “There’s a world of difference between the two,” says Grant. “The world’s biggest excuse for failing is ‘I’ll try.’”

3. Focus your attention and energy on achieving the objectives you’ve set. “Ever reached a goal you set and felt good?” Grant asks. “You should probably do it again.”

4. List five things you’d like in your life, identify the payoff for each one, and read them to yourself twice a day.
“At the end of every day, ask yourself ‘What did I do today toward my five things?’” Grant says. “If you haven’t done anything toward them, you’re just doing ‘stuff.’”

5. Find a mentor. “Don’t reinvent the wheel every day,” Grant says. Find someone who’s already done that who can guide you.

6. Change your self-talk to “I am…,” “I can …” and “I will.” Examples:
“I am capable of changing.”
“I can change and still be happy.”
“I will do it now.”

7. Visualize what success looks and feels like. “People fear success more than failure,” Grant says. The more you know about what success means to you, the less you’ll fear it.

8. Stop worrying. “That’s a bad use of imagination,” Grant says. “You can’t change the past, and the future is never here. The only time frame you can do anything about is now … and ‘now’ just became the past.”

9. Be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

10. Finish what you start. “One of the best motivators is to finish stuff,” Grant says. The more objectives you reach, the more objectives you’ll want to set. If you adopt even a few of these steps to success over the coming days and months, you’ll set yourself up for a successful year.

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