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Take time to send a priceless message

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Delivering a “Hey, thanks!” at the water cooler isn’t quite as meaningful as writing a thank-you note.

Angela Ensminger, author of On a Personal Note (Hallmark), says that, in a world of increasing efficiency, taking the time to hand-write a note sends a priceless message.

“Many occasions give us opportunities to rise above and beyond the expected, to make the extra effort and add our unique personal touches to our business communications,” she says.

Just when should you pick up your pen rather than the telephone? A few examples:

  • Thank-you notes for gifts, bonuses or favors. Also, don’t forget to thank people for the intangibles, such as referrals, opportunities, mentoring, support or advice.
  • Support notes. “As admins, you may be in a position of knowing a lot about what’s going on in people’s lives,” says Ensminger. So, you’re in the perfect position to address personal issues with a “Thinking of you” note when someone is grieving, ill or just down in the dumps.
  • Celebratory notes for special days or events, such as holidays, birthdays, work anniversaries or milestones. Send a note, too, when someone receives certification or completes a big project. “A note is a good way to say ‘I notice,’” says Ensminger.
  • Congratulatory notes for promotions or life events such as a new baby, marriage or a child’s graduation.
  • Keeping-in-touch notes to say “Hello” or to remind a manager that you’re available to take on new projects.

Tip: For business correspondence, understated notepaper is best. Stick with solid colors with simple trims. It allows your message to come through more easily.

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