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7 things every leader must believe

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in Best-Practices Leadership,Leaders & Managers,People Management

Retired Army Gen. William A. Cohen offers seven facts you need to know before you can start leading.
  1. One individual can make the difference between success and failure. You can be that person.

  2. Most people succeed only through the help of others. While independence is good, interdependence is essential to leadership.

  3. You don’t need any particular authority to lead. You don’t need to wait for a promotion. Just lead.

  4. The basic elements of combat leadership will allow you to lead in nearly any situation, because combat poses the most severe crises, hardships and penalties for failure.

  5. The essence of leadership is motivating people to do their best toward meeting your goals.

  6. Leaders are made, not born. You can learn.

  7. Leadership doesn’t depend on a square deal or pleasant working conditions. Given a worthy goal, you can motivate people without those rewards.
—Adapted from The Art of the Leader, William A. Cohen, Prentice Hall.

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