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10 tips for women in leadership

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in Best-Practices Leadership,Leaders & Managers

Here’s the lowdown from women leaders who have risen to the top and seen it all:
  1. Be competitive. You have to want to win, and you have to act on that desire. No need to be nice.

  2. Don’t sweat friendships. It’s not about being liked. It’s about being valued and delivering results. Friendship may come, or not.

  3. Defend yourself. Protect the interests of your clan. Think of Nancy Pelosi back in a Republican-controlled Congress.

  4. Trust your gut. Consider what the naysayers are putting out. Then move forward anyway.

  5. Radiate confidence. Present yourself as in control and happy, says Oscar-winning film producer Cathy Schulman.

  6. Wrap yourself around success. Dismiss fear and anxiety. Make decisions using your best judgment.

  7. Help other women. Otherwise, there’s no way they’ll feel good about you or you’ll feel good about yourself. “We don’t have golf,” Schulman says, “so create other communities of support.”

  8. Hold out for good money. It’s not “filthy lucre.” Men decide on their futures considering the bottom line. You should, too.

  9. Make mistakes already. Give it your best shot. Take the plunge. Don’t obsess.

  10. Solve problems. If something on Schulman’s desk seems particularly dicey, she goes after that thing first. Big problems, she notes, are your best opportunities.
—Adapted from “10 Power Tips,” Julie Scelfo, Newsweek.

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