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10 traits effective leaders exhibit

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Businessman, attorney and banker David Traversi notes in his new book, The Source of Leadership, that leadership is faltering as technology accelerates and complicates our lives.

Traversi offers these bottom-line leadership characteristics:
  1. Self-defined. Solid individuals know who they are and what they believe in. They understand their own values, beliefs, purpose and vision, and can express each of these clearly.

  2. Visionary. They see possibilities.

  3. Credible. Effective leaders are competent and consistent, but they also must be deeply trustworthy.

  4. Inspiring. We all know it when we see it.

  5. Caring. Leaders needn’t be charismatic, but they do need to be open-hearted and genuinely concerned about others.

  6. Energetic. You can’t lead when the batteries are low.

  7. Curious. Think of the people you admire most. Chances are, they are acutely inquisitive and jump at a chance to learn.

  8. Focused. True leaders concentrate intensely in the moment, even as they glance ahead.

  9. Organized. They value clarity and structure, and direct endeavors in a functional way.

  10. Brave. Leadership is not for the fainthearted. Leaders make the toughest calls and take the biggest risks.
—Adapted from The Source of Leadership, David Traversi, New Harbinger Publications.

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