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Outsourcing? 9 questions to ask

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in Leaders & Managers,Management Training,People Management,Performance Reviews

In 2001, Accenture and Carnegie Mellon studied the specific characteristics of top-performing outsourcing relationships. How well do your outsourcers stand up against these nine criteria?
  1. Knowledge management. Does the outsourcer create efficient knowledge systems?

  2. Internal people management. Does the outsourcer motivate its own personnel to deliver good service?

  3. Performance management. Can the outsourcer actually deliver?

  4. Relationship management. How does the outsourcer manage its external relationships with you and its own external suppliers?

  5. Technology management. Can the outsourcer deliver the services it agrees to provide?

  6. Threat management. Can the outsourcer overcome setbacks and continue to deliver what it promised?

  7. Contracting.Will the outsourcer structure its agreement with you to meet your fiscal and other needs?

  8. Service design and delivery. Will the outsourcer design new systems to deliver what it promises?

  9. Service transfer. Can the outsourcer transfer processes and resources?
—Adapted from “Improving Outsourcing Capabilities and Performance to Achieve High Performance,” Keith M. Heston and Shari L. Dove, Accenture Alert.

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