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Do you practice ‘now’ thinking?

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Are you a thoroughly modern leader, or one who is stuck in the past? Ask yourself which side of the fence you’re on, “Then” or “Now”:

“Then” thinking:
  • Make everything inside the organization.

  • Improve independently

  • Go it alone

  • Have functional departments

  • Maintain a domestic focus

  • Focus on products

  • Create a standard product or service

  • Be product-focused

  • Be a mass marketer

  • Determine a sustainable market advantage

  • Develop new offerings slowly and carefully

  • Use many suppliers

  • Practice top-down management

“Now” thinking

  • Buy things from outside (outsource)

  • Improve by benchmarking other organizations

  • Collaborate with others

  • Use multidisciplinary teams

  • Think globally and locally

  • Focus on markets and customers

  • Adapt to customers and the marketplace

  • Focus on the value chain

  • Be a target marketer

  • Continue to invent new advantages

  • Speed up development

  • Use only a few suppliers

  • Manage up, down and across
—Adapted from Kotler on Marketing: How to Create, Win and Dominate Markets, Philip Kotler, Free Press.

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