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5 ways to ‘mis-lead’ with technology

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Well-rounded leaders don’t need to know a lot about technology. Still, if you try really hard, you can mess things up. Here’s how.

1. Buy new technology because it’s new. Upgrade because it’s “time” to upgrade. Don’t consider costs or benefits to the organization.

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2. Let tech people overreach. Techies in small and midsize organizations cover many jobs, becoming great resources. Bad ones won’t know when to quit, insinuating themselves into marketing and adding time-consuming bells and whistles. Truly bad ones will think they know how to sell better than the marketers. Let technology drive your operation instead of supporting it and, in the worst case, it can bring down the organization.

3. Build solutions before the problem arises. Handle all IT problems in-house, dismissing off-the-shelf products. Instead, build it yourself. That way, you can expend plenty of time and money. If you enjoy this approach, you’ll probably take the idea further and build products or offer services that nobody wants.
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4. Misunderstand the relationship between technology and business. Technology is not the goal; the goal is to make money.  

Example: Some browsers don’t work on the Victoria’s Secret web site. Why? Its technology chief investigated whether to make the site compatible with certain browsers and concluded that the company would never make enough money to justify the expense.

Lesson: Just because you can use technology to make something happen doesn’t mean you should. Poor leaders never grasp that.

5. Hire techs who can’t communicate with nontechs. They, in turn, will hire more techs who can’t speak plain English. Soon, nobody will know what IT is doing.

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— Adapted from “The worst kind of IT manager,” Karen Ann Kidd, TechRepublic, http://insight.zdnet. co.uk.

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