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How I earned my credibility stripes

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in Leaders & Managers,Leadership Skills

Ask most employees in industry what makes a great executive and they’re likely to say, “He or she should be able to do everyone’s job, only better” or “Our leaders should know more about our business than anyone else here.”

In truth, it doesn’t matter how much or how little the person in charge knows about the details of the business. And a great executive certainly doesn’t need to know how to do everyone’s job.

I’m living proof. I had to run a subsidiary of our parent company that made products I knew nothing about. I’m pretty sure the employees shook in their boots when they learned I knew next to nothing about their business. But I soon showed them that it didn’t matter.

I’d learned that, to prove myself, I couldn’t possibly pretend to know what everyone actually did there all day. And I couldn’t play the philosopher king, either, because I knew basically nothing about the business, and I had no grand vision for it.

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