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1. How are employer health-care premiums forecast to change in 2009?
    a. Increase by 4.3%
    b. Increase by 10.6%
    c. Increase by 13.1%

2. What new ID document can employees now show to verify their work eligibility for Form I-9 purposes?

    a. AARP card
    b. New U.S. passport card
    c. Copy of personal tax return

3. Federal law says employers must give departing employees their final paycheck:

    a. Immediately upon termination
    b. Within one week
    c. State laws govern final paycheck rules

4. A recent workplace “Happiness Index” survey revealed that employees in which region of the country are most content with their jobs?

    a. West
    b. Midwest
    c. Northeast

5. What do older workers say is the No. 1 company-provided incentive for delaying retirement?

    a. A pay increase
    b. Feeling truly needed for an assignment
    c. Receiving a full pension while working part time

6. Which two types of EEOC claims have seen the biggest increases since 2007?
    a. Retaliation and national origin
    b. Sexual harassment and retaliation
    c. Race discrimination and sexual harassment

7. More than half (57%) of HR professionals say they automatically rule out applicants who lie or embellish on their résumés. What percentage of HR pros says they’ve actually hired embellishers?
    a. 0%
    b. 4%
    c. 6%

Sources: 1. Aon Consulting survey; 2. USCIS; 3. U.S. Department of Labor; 4. survey; 5. Employee Benefit Research Institute survey; 6. EEOC; 7. survey.

   1. B     2. B     3. C     4. A     5.  B     6. A     7. C

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