Staffing firm CEO accused of skimming $182 million in taxes

Frank Amodeo, head of Mirabilis Ventures in Orlando, has been indicted on 27 counts of conspiracy and fraud for allegedly stealing $182 million in payroll taxes from thousands of businesses across the state.

Through Mirabilis, Amodeo operated numerous temporary service companies and professional employment organizations, including AEM, AQMI Strategy Corp., Common Paymaster Corp., Nexia Strategy Corp., Presidion Corp., Presidion Solutions, Quantum Delta Enterprises and Wellington Capital Group.

Amodeo allegedly used the companies to steal federal tax withholding, Social Security and Medicare deductions from employee paychecks. IRS Special Agent Victor Lessof called the case one of the biggest employment tax scams in the agency’s history.

Amodeo faces up to 370 years in prison, almost $7 million in fines and the forfeiture of more than $14 million in property, including his private jet.