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Appeal to older workers with these 4 health plan ‘Extras’

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in Discrimination and Harassment,Human Resources

Health care coverage becomes increasingly important to employees as they get older. If you’re courting mature, experienced workers to join your team—or if you want to retain the ones you have—you might need to tweak your health benefits so they appeal more to over-50 employees.

Here are four health-related perks that could help you seal the deal with preretirement recruits (and keep current staff):

1. Offer discounts on supplemental health policies that cover gaps in Medicare or contribute toward those premiums. This added protection shows that you understand what these employees need—and that you care about their well-being. Likewise, negotiate for discounts on employee-paid perks such as concierge service and vision, dental and pet insurance. Those voluntary benefits won’t cost your organization anything, but older employees will appreciate having access to them.

2. Arrange prescription discounts on medicines that your older employees frequently use. Contact patient assistant programs at pharmaceutical companies to find out what deals they can offer, especially on drugs to treat high cholesterol, diabetes and heart disease. Tip: Before you burn up the phone lines, check with your insurance provider to find out whether it has already negotiated such discounts.

3. Offer health care coverage for dependent grandchildren, whom most plans don’t automatically cover.

4. Get group rates for long-term care and long-term disability insurance through a guaranteed plan that will not turn down any employee, regardless of age. Employees with health problems are likely to have trouble getting individual coverage.

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