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Grant maternity leave just as generously as you do other leave

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in FMLA Guidelines,Human Resources,Maternity Leave Laws

When it comes to maternity or childbirth leave, women have at least two federal laws that protect them from possible discrimination.

The first is the FMLA, which provides up to 12 weeks’ leave for pregnancy, birth and infant care. The Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA) also protects women from sex-based discrimination. It bars employers from treating pregnancy differently from any other conditions and outlaws discrimination based on a woman’s childbearing capacity.

The FMLA and the PDA work together. Employers who understand that aren’t likely to make mistakes that result in lawsuits.

Applying more restrictive policies to pregnancy-related FMLA leave than to other qualifying FMLA leave may violate the PDA, as the following case shows.

Recent case:
Police officers Cynthia Orr and Patricia Paiz sued their employer, alleging that the department’s personnel director discriminated against them on the basis of pregn...(register to read more)

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