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Sure-to-please PowerPoint tips

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in Office Technology,PowerPoint Tricks

You know a presentation is going badly when audience members start tapping on their BlackBerrys.These days, especially, it isn't easy to capture and hold a group's attention.

Make it easier for the presenter by using these two PowerPoint tips:

1. Save the presentation as a .pps file, rather than a .ppt file. That saves the presentation as a full-screen slide show, meaning your presenter doesn't have to make the audience wait while he or she opens PowerPoint, finds the right file and (finally) hits "view slide show."

2. Help the presenter maneuver easily through the presentation with this trick: Hit the "F1" key once in "Slide Show" mode. Now, you have the option of hitting Control + P to make the marking pen appear, allowing you to highlight, circle and make notes on the on-screen image. Or, you can hit Control + A to make an arrow appear that you can maneuver by mouse.

Useful Q & A tip: Hit a number, then "Enter," to take you to that-numbered slide.

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