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Same-sex marriage: What the trend means for employers and HR

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in Employee Benefits Program,Employment Law,FMLA Guidelines,Human Resources,Maternity Leave Laws

No doubt you’ve seen the headlines. California same-sex couples can now officially tie the knot. It’s the latest in a national battle for sexual equality in marriage, benefits and employment rights.

What does California’s bold move mean for employers across the nation?

No federal law mandates that employees who are in state-sanctioned same-sex unions (e.g., marriage, partnerships or some other hybrid form mimicking marriage) must receive the same employee benefits that heterosexual married couples receive. But the writing is on the wall. And even employers in states that ban same-sex unions may find themselves targeted by advocates for greater benefits.

What's new

In a word, legislation. State and local governments are going where Congress has feared to go—toward recognizing some form of same-sex unions. Others have gone in the opposite direction, specifically rejecting any kind of arrangement, regardless of it...(register to read more)

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