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6 Questions to Make Sure You’re a Change Driver, Not a Passenger

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in Employment Law,Firing,FMLA Guidelines,HR Management,Human Resources,Leaders & Managers,Management Training,Meeting Management,Office Management

Issue: How to play a key role in shaping changes in your organization.

Benefit: You can better anticipate future HR needs and position yourself as a "thinker" not just a "doer," which raises your career profile.

Action: Use these six questions to determine ways to involve yourself in upcoming changes.

When the organization excludes HR professionals from planning, bad things can happen: 

  • You can be surprised by terminations, employee departures, absenteeism and other common aftereffects of change. 
  • If you take too long to adapt (after all, you were caught by surprise), you look like a change-resister. 
  • You end up scrambling to meet sudden, unexpected demands from above, which makes you look bad and hurts your career. 

For those reasons, it's vital to become involved in widespread change as early in the game as possible. That way, you can more effectively help your organization anticipate the change's...(register to read more)

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