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Navigating alcoholism and addiction in the workplace

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in Centerpiece,Employment Law,Human Resources

Dealing with an employee who is struggling with alcoholism or addiction is one of HR’s most difficult issues. It's important to remember what you legally can, and cannot do when faced with this complex situation. 

How the ADA treats alcoholism and addiction

Don’t make a delicate task even harder by running afoul of the ADA. Factors to consider:

Accommodation does not mean you can’t discipline someone who drinks or uses drugs on the job or comes to work impaired. You don’t have to accept substandard work or conduct. For the most part, accommodation will be to allow time for treatment or otherwise support the goals of treatment—for example, allowing a worker to decline assignments or obligations in places where alcohol is served.

You can’t discriminate against workers or applicants who have been, or are being, treated for alcoholism or drug addiction. However, the ADA specificall...(register to read more)

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