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The gender pay gap: Are you contributing to it?

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in Centerpiece,Compensation and Benefits,Human Resources

Equal pay for women has been the law of the land for 56 years. Congress passed the federal Equal Pay Act in 1963. So why do we have a gender wage gap? The answer is not simple. Few employers consciously decide to pay women less, but economic realities allow them to. In many cases, employers pay women less simply because they can. But the legal conditions that allow them to do that are changing.

The past is never dead…

Many women work for less pay than men because they started at a lower rung of the pay scale. Even if they move up in lockstep with their male counterparts, they are still toiling for less.

This scenario played out for Lilly Ledbetter, a manager at a Goodyear Tire plant in Alabama. Most of the positions comparable to hers were held by men. At first, her pay was in line with most of her cohort. At one point an evaluation that placed her well below her male counterparts set her on a lower pay path. As time we...(register to read more)

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