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There may be something to the tales of a bitter rivalry between Alycia Lane and Larry Mendte, both news desk fixtures at CBS affiliate KYW-TV in Philadelphia—and now both in legal hot water.

Not to be outdone by Lane’s well-publicized scuffle with New York police last year (not to mention a kerfuffle involving e-mailed photos of her in a bikini), evening news co-anchor Mendte made the news himself in June when the FBI raided his home.

The FBI seized Mendte’s computer and related equipment as part of an investigation into claims that Mendte accessed Lane’s private e-mails and forwarded them to the local media. While it is a federal crime to access computer files over the Internet without authorization, it is unlikely Mendte will face prison.

Lane, meanwhile, is keeping the HR staff at the beleaguered station busy with a wrongful termination lawsuit.

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