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IRS notices: Decoding the top 8 for business and payroll

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Alice Gilman

by on
in Centerpiece,Office Management,Payroll Management

While we all use canned explanations or phrases in letters and emails now and then, the IRS has lifted this to an art form. Technically, these canned explanations form the body of what’s called CP Notices. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has forced the IRS to create 18 new canned explanations, eight of which are business or payroll-related. 

Considering that most taxpayers’ blood pressure will rise the instant they see a letter from the IRS, we thought we’d diffuse some of the stress by showing you the business and payroll-related explanations. Where necessary, we’ve added some context.

Note: The numbering is the IRS’.

#3634—College or university athletic event seating (taxable years after 12/31/2017): We disallowed your charitable deduction for your payment in exchange for athletic seating. No charitable contribution is allowed for a payment to an institution of higher education in exchange for the right to purc...(register to read more)

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