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The stay interview: How one company saw the retention light

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Robert Lentz

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in Centerpiece,HR Management,Human Resources

Several years ago, recruiting and retention expert Mel Kleiman got a knock on his door from a desperate client. Their problem was a staggering 179% turnover rate. That's right, they found themselves hiring 6,000 people to fill 3,500 jobs.

The problem called for a scientific approach. The client provided a list of 1,000 former employees, and from that list, 200 were contacted and asked:

  1. What made you leave?
  2. What would have made you stay?
  3. What would have to change for you to come back?

About 50 people were identified as wanting to return to the organization, and about 15% of those were hired back into the fold—not a bad rate at all. "The #1 best source of great employees," Kleiman says, "is all the great employees who have left you."

On the flip side, Kleiman, the president of talent management firm Humetrics, doesn't believe you should be convincing someone to stay who clearly wants to leave. Chasing unhappy pe...(register to read more)

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