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Ask the Attorney: Who is permitted to complete a W-4 form? and more

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Nancy Delogu

by on
in Centerpiece,Employment Law

Our expert lawyer, Nancy Delogu, answers a few HR professionals’ employment law questions.

Who is permitted to complete a W-4 form?

Q: “Is it illegal for payroll to complete the W-4 for an employee as long as the employee signs the form? I am looking for a regulation, publication or opinion letter saying yes or no to this.” – Lisa, Texas

A: Form W-4 is for the employee, not the employer, to complete. Although it is likely that your payroll department could assist employees in completing the form, you necessarily need to complete the form only as the employee directed, and cannot complete a form for an employee who refuses.

I’m not sure why or what you are seeking to accomplish by having Payroll complete the form, since each employee may decide (for example) how many exemptions to claim depending on personal financial circumstances beyond simply how many exemptions may be available. Since this is the case, be...(register to read more)

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