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4 signs that fear may be sabotaging your leadership potential

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in Centerpiece,Leaders & Managers,Leadership Skills

Courage has been called one of the most important leadership virtues, but it usually requires that you make peace with the discomfort that comes with being uncertain.

While learning to manage without fear is easier said than done, it may be the one critical element that separates an acceptable manager from a true leader that others want to follow.

If you identify with any of these four scenarios, it could be a sign that fear is sabotaging your leadership potential.

1. You think being a manager is about you

It’s not a coincidence that you could spell “team” from the word “management.” (Or that it doesn’t include the word “I.”)

Effective management requires selflessness. The lens through which you view challenges, opportunities and successes should have everything to do with the people you manage and aspire to lead—and little to nothing about the impact it will have on you.

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