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Put more trust in your team for success

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in Centerpiece,Team Building,Workplace Communication

Look up the word “trust” in a dictionary and you’ll get definitions like “to place confidence in” and “to rely on the truthfulness or accuracy of.” When such actions permeate a company’s culture, they set the stage for great things to happen.

“Trust must be at the foundation,” says leadership development specialist Amir Ghannad of The Ghannad Group. “Without it, team members tend to be preoccupied with trying to survive and protect their own interests rather than focusing on doing the work that needs to be done to deliver results and/or improve the work environment for everyone.”

The value of honest feedback. Looking to improve trust? Consider starting with better communication. Providing truthful feedback shows that you respect an employee and believe he has the potential to do better when offered thoughtful guidance. (Choose a private setting to avoid any embarrassment from others overhearing.)

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