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Payroll Today

Income taxes: Let’s go back to the very beginning

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Alice Gilman

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in Payroll Today

I’ve been thinking lately about salt. Not SALT—state and local taxes—but salt. The ubiquitous stuff we sprinkle on everything without thinking much about it. Common table salt isn’t just salt with some iodine thrown in. There are five ingredients in table salt, including the salt. Who knew? Whoever thought to look at the label on a container of salt? Well I did, mostly because I’ve had laryngitis, which forced me to buy a new one.

It’s pretty apparent now that employees don’t really understand the ingredients that comprise the income tax system, because they never had to think about it before. Like salt. And that’s where this year’s problems begin.

Time to draw back the curtain

Tax refunds, the size of them or the lack of them, have become a political weapon this winter. Democrats say that the 2018 withholding tables were manipulated to give employees more take-home pay at the expense of their 2018 tax r...(register to read more)

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