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A procedures manual saved me! A true story of SOP efficiency

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Robert Lentz

by on
in Centerpiece,Office Management,Office Organizer

How do you become the hero of heroes at work? By preparing others for unexpected interruptions or breakdowns in the processes that face them every day. That’s where a good administrative procedures manual comes in.

A true story: Panic!

It was my third week at work and I was already feeling a little shaky about my new admin job—the processes were more complex than I was used to, and there didn’t seem to be much of a sense of humor to go around when things went wrong.

And then, in the middle of deadline season, the admin who’d been training me didn’t come to work one Monday. After having been turned down for a new position on Friday, she’d decided to return to her home country of Australia—very suddenly.

She should have been resented for not giving notice, right? And certainly I was mortified, because I was now responsible for many of her tasks, few of which I truly understood.

Then I found the procedures ma...(register to read more)

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