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10 hard telecommuting questions to ask remote workers

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Robert Lentz

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in Centerpiece,Team Building,Workplace Communication

As telecommuting becomes ever more accepted, more of your employees will drop hints that they too would like the option to sometimes work from home—in fact, in a strong job-seeker’s market, some prospective hires might even assume that’ll be part of the conversation from the beginning.

Before you agree to any telecommuting arrangement, sit down with the employee and go over the basic ground rules, but then dig deeper. When a separation is created between worker and office, there can be many side effects that go along with the perceived benefits. To avoid unpleasant surprises, ask these 10 questions.

On their productivity

1. “What are the ‘distractions’ you’ll be avoiding?” Telecommuters generally argue that office life brings on a variety of distractions that impede their productivity. It’s important to investigate what those are. For example, if co-workers are a “distraction,” why is that, and what...(register to read more)

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