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Office Organization: Time to upgrade Microsoft Office?

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Cal Butera

by on
in Centerpiece,Office Management,Office Organizer

Now that the stand-alone version of the most updated Microsoft Office (Office 2019) is available, you may be wondering if it’s time to move ahead. The short answer is “yes.” Still trying to convince management that it’s worth doing? Here are some points to make.

Office 2010 support ends October 2020

Given the amount of time it takes to implement a new version of software, this isn’t a great deal of time! While 2010 will still work, no support, fixes or security updates will be made. This is especially important to industries that are beholden to regulatory bodies that demand that you are using the most secure versions of software.

New features

Flash Fill: Excel

This was introduced in Excel with Office 2013. Try typing four sets of cities, states and zips in column A in a blank spreadsheet. Now in column B, type the two-letter state code for the first set and just the first letter of the next one. You’ll noti...(register to read more)

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