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6 tips to get out of a challenging meeting moment

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Kim Bassett

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in Centerpiece,Leaders & Managers,Leadership Skills,People Management

I’m sure you can picture it clearly. You’ve about made it through your meeting agenda, you have offered for anyone present to have a last minute word or thought, and someone tosses a seemingly pre-planned wrench onto the table. This person proudly speaks up, “I have one last thing…” or “Just a quick question…” and “Sorry to spring this on you at the end of the meeting but…” What do you do when you are ambushed and things begin to go south?

Don’t get frustrated and head down the rabbit hole like a bad imitation of Alice in Wonderland. Instead, try this:

  1. Stay professional and polite. Let the person air their thoughts on the issue. Take them seriously and with complete respect even if it seems like a small issue to you. They obviously thought this was serious enough to bring up in front of the entire group so you must treat it as serious.
  2. Request to look at the data. This diffuses the emotion ...(register to read more)

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