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Payroll Today

Winter is coming. Are your withholding systems ready?

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Alice Gilman

by on
in Payroll Today

Nope, this isn’t about inclement weather policies or “Game of Thrones.” It’s about the IRS again signaling its intentions to significantly disrupt the income tax withholding process.

This was supposed to happen with 2019 withholding, but the first draft of the 2019 W-4 bombed so spectacularly that the IRS was forced to retreat. Apparently, that retreat was only a tactical maneuver. The IRS says again that withholding for 2020 will be different.

Preliminary withholding procedures for 2019

The IRS’ 2019 withholding notice seemed to change a lot of things. On closer inspection, it changes very little, at least for now. For example, it says that it will continue to use the phrase “withholding allowances” on the W-4 and in Circular E. Likewise, if you don’t have a valid W-4 from an employee, you must continue to withhold as if the employee was single, claiming zero withholding allowances.

As for things that wi...(register to read more)

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