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Divorce’s effect on the workplace

Two experts speak on enabling employees (and organizations) to remain productive

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Robert Lentz

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in Centerpiece,Leaders & Managers,People Management

The HR Specialist: How does divorce influence an employee differently than other personal problems? 

Storey Jones, CEO of dtour.life: Divorce is a unique, personal challenge in that it affects almost every aspect of your life, including living arrangement, short- and long-term finances, and all of one’s shared assets. It also affects relationships with one’s children, shared friends, and in-laws. And often ignored in divorce is the fundamental loss of the most important relationship in your life, with your spouse, be it a good one, or a bad one. The totality of the impact on one’s life is what differentiates the impact of divorce from other personal challenges and can’t help but spill over into the workplace.

Katie Lynch, Apiary Consulting: There can be a huge array of emotions that don’t come in to play in the same way in other life transitions—hurt, fear, shame, embarrassment, pride … no one gets married t...(register to read more)

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