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The Mashup … with Michelle Peña

Heed the whisper of intuition

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Michelle Pena

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in The Mashup … with Michelle Peña

Begrudgingly, I opened my eyes and emerged treading water in a sea of dizzy confusion. Disoriented and light-headed, I focused on slow, deep breaths to alleviate the pain. My vision was blurry, but the room came slowly back into focus as I scanned the sterile hospital walls for the loud-ticking clock. It was 2:30 a.m.

My roommate, both of her legs broken and casted, had just violently pulled me out of REM with her bloodcurdling screams for cigarettes and anger toward the nurses, who argued back firmly and refused to supply them. “No rest for the weary.” I winced as I silently mouthed the words.

Regardless, like a turtle retreating into its shell, I dived under and managed to escape the towering chaos of crashing waves around me. By the time I resurfaced, one short hour later, an exhausted quietude had returned to our room.

Alone with my thoughts, feeling surreally castaway on my own deserted island, I was at eye lev...(register to read more)

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