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Where are admins looking for jobs?

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Question: "After six years away to start a family, I'm ready to head back into the admin world. But now I'm a little overwhelmed and confused by the options for job-seeking. It feels like checking the local online listings is still the best route to take—am I really missing anything on LinkedIn, Monster.com and other sites, or is that all just smoke and mirrors that probably won't result in me getting hired somewhere?" - Susan, Austin, Tx.

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Raelene Wundrow October 22, 2018 at 11:42 am

Honestly I think following a long absence going through a temp agency is great. I did that and was hired on permanently. Stayed there 10 years. Otherwise I think the best online site is Indeed. thanks


Melissa Hunter October 18, 2018 at 4:16 pm

Put some thought into where you want to work before you start your search – where do you want to work, what fields are you interested in, do you want to work for the government vs. private employers. that may help clarify where you want to be looking. there are so many jobsites out there that it can really get overwhelming. I use Workopolis and indeed, but I also look at the sites of the employers that interest me. There is duplication between the sites, but each site has something different. You can look on kijiji as well. I also make use of any email updates that sites offer to keep on top of what comes up.


Sandi Cooper October 18, 2018 at 5:38 pm

Do crystalize what kind of place and people and work you want and what part of town, etc. Once you’ve done that, I would post your resume online absolutely and mention clearly on your LinkedIn page that you are job hunting. Personally, I’m fond of ZipRecruiter because there is no charge to post your resume and it goes to something like 50-100 websites and recruiters. The position I’m in now (Office Administrator) for a small firm here in Florida, came from doing this. In fact, two different recruiters called me about the very same position before I was hired here almost 5 years ago, and posting my resume on ZipRecruiter.com was all that I did.


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