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Can’t accommodate religion? Prove hardship

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in Centerpiece,Discrimination and Harassment,Human Resources

Employees are entitled to reasonable accommodations to practice their religion. If an employee can show that she holds a bona fide religious belief that conflicts with a requirement of her employment and she tells her employer, she cannot be fired or not hired because of that need.

Once the employee shows her need for religious accommodation, the burden shifts to the employer to show that it is unable to accommodate the religious need without undue hardship. And that undue hardship standard can trip up employers. Make sure your explanation holds up to scrutiny.

Recent case: Isabel applied for a position with Dallas County as director of the data management department at the Dallas County Jail. The department processes all paperwork for inmates being booked into or released from jail. As the director, Isabel would be solely and directly responsible for the intake and release of each inmate, which can happen at any time of...(register to read more)

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