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Why being interrupted is most likely your fault

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Stacey Hacke

by on
in Business Etiquette,Workplace Communication

Most people believe they get interrupted because that is simply how the interrupting person behaves. In reality, the blame more often lies with the speaker rather than the interrupter. Your listeners may be interrupting you because you take too long to get to the point or because you never pause to let them get a word in edgewise.

Another reason why you may be getting interrupted is due to any distracting behaviors that are overpowering your message. When your body language is inconsistent with your message, your listener is confused with what you are saying. Do they follow your message or what your body language is communicating?

You probably can relate to this example: The individual leading a meeting emphasizes how important it is for everyone to stay within the budget to meet the client’s needs yet their posture, facial expressions and voice communicate there really isn’t an emergency.   

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