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5 time-saving tips in Excel

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1. Use keyboard shortcuts to get around. Data keeps getting bigger and bigger. Unfortunately, our wrists, shoulders and elbows aren’t evolving to keep up with the scrolling it would take to navigate around and select it all. Fortunately, Excel has some great shortcuts to carry you across and down thousands of rows and columns of data in a snap.

Ctrl+Arrow Keys. Using the up, down, left or right arrow keys will take you either to the top, bottom, leftmost or rightmost cell in your data. If there is a blank cell in its path, it will stop there. But, you can send it on its way with the same keyboard combination twice more. For example, if all cells were filled down to A97098, from A1, Ctrl+DnArrow would take you down 97,098 rows, unless there was a blank cell somewhere in that column.

Ctrl+Shift+Arrow Keys. If you don’t just want to get to the far reaches of your rows and columns, but also select the data in them, simpl...(register to read more)

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Susan Robertson August 27, 2018 at 11:33 am

Great tips!!


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