Sweep of garment manufacturers nets labor law violations

California’s Economic Employment Enforcement Coalition (EEEC) has issued 42 citations following a California Labor and Workforce Development Agency sweep of 22 garment manufacturers in Los Angeles and Orange counties.

In addition to citations, the EEEC issued fines totaling $457,000 and confiscated clothing at six locations. The labor law violations uncovered by the May 7 and 8 sweeps included failure to provide itemized deductions to employees, keep proper records, post labor notices, pay the minimum wage, pay overtime, and maintain workers’ compensation insurance.

The EEEC is a multiagency task force that seeks to regulate California’s underground economy by enforcing the state’s labor and employment laws and educating employers and employees about the laws.

The coalition regularly conducts unannounced enforcement sweeps. It’s currently targeting the garment, agriculture, construction, pallet, auto body, car wash and restaurant industries. The EEEC says those industries recently have had high rates of workplace violations incidences.

According to EEEC Director David Dorame, “Many of these garment manufacturers failed to comply with the law, as we found multiple labor law violations at many locations.”

Advice: Don’t get caught up in the next sweep. Even if you think you are following all the rules and regulations, it’s a good idea to have a labor attorney periodically review your practices.