You’re not going to ruin this vacation!

Vacation is your time to relax and get away from your typical life at home and at work. So when your vacation time rolls around, don’t let these common mistakes ruin your relaxation:

Unplug. For real. Answering an email or sending updates to people back home will distract you from your relaxation.

Don’t overdo the food and drink. Vacation shouldn’t be an excuse to do everything in excess. A hangover will definitely ruin your day.

Don’t choose activities just because they’re available. If you don’t want to go bungee jumping on vacation, don’t.

Don’t try to accommodate everyone else. If you’re traveling with others, you don’t have to make sure they get what they want at the expense of your own needs.

Let go of the details. You shouldn’t be worrying about the laundry or the exact way something gets done at home. You’ll be back to that soon enough.

-— Adapted from “Habits that can ruin your vacation,”