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1. On July 24, the federal minimum wage will take the second step of its three-step increase. It will rise from its current $5.85 per hour to:
    a. $6.55    b. $6.75    c. $6.85

2. What’s the No. 1 reason employees say they go to work when they’re sick?
    a. Saving my sick days for child care or elder care emergencies
    b. Other people depending on me at work
    c. Too much work to do

3. Percentage of CEOs and HR compensation execs who say their organizations are freezing (or considering freezing) base salaries due to the economic downturn:
    a. 11%    b. 24%    c. 30%

4. The three most common types of job discrimination complaints filed by U.S. employees (in order) are: 
    a. Age, sex, race
    b. Race, retaliation, sex
    c. Race, age, retaliation

5. States with the highest (first) and lowest (second) unemployment rates in the United States:
    a. Michigan, South Dakota
    b. Alaska,...(register to read more)

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Shawn September 10, 2012 at 11:45 am

Not sure why you’re republishing a 2008 survey in 2012…is it to help us remember ‘back when?’


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